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Top Rated Print Estimating Solution

Estimator Cloud the top-rated software, was proven to be the fastest and easiest estimating solution. Conceived in 1995 Estimator software has emerged to be heads
above all others. With its easy-to-use, flawless interface, you’ll be able to master it in as little as one day!

Easy Set up!

Our cloud based software eliminates costly IT infrastructure and easily handles all print environments like Offset, Web, Digital, Flexo, Envelopes, Wide-Formats, Screen-printing and more. This error-proof technology ensures there are no errors and will increase your profitability by leaps and bounds.

Print MIS Software

You don’t have to be a computer guru to operate Estimator-Cloud. All you need is some printing competency and a few hours to learn! Our experts install the software and work with until you are fully competent.

Highly Customizable

Estimator is highly customizable and we’ll tailor it to deliver your customer’s specific requirements. It is not limited to an internal workflow or a specific business sector as its artificial intelligence easily understands all functions, and automatically types all details and descriptions. The end result will be accurate consistent quotes.

Estimator Cloud with Inteliquote

Do you want to keep your business organized? Get our Estimator Cloud with Intelli-Quote* today and quickly produce all paperwork from quotation through invoice including stock control, purchasing & supply, and even order processing. Our software keeps everything organized.

Call us today and set up your customized webinar. It will help you know more about our Estimator-Cloud with Intelli-Quote. Get to know how
leading companies are saving big bucks and valuable time using our software.

We provide unlimited technical support any time you incorporate Estimator-Cloud in your operations. It’ll be a
pleasure to make you one of our happy customers.

Why Estimator Print MIS Software?

Ease of installation and setting up.

At Estimator we understand how valuable your time is. For this reason, we ensured that our Estimator Cloud with Intelli-Quote will only take a few hours to install. Our experts set it up and train you how to use it and you’re good to go!

Ease of management.

With Estimator-Cloud, it’ll be easy to manage both production and profitability. You’ll can also identify cost and production bottlenecks to differentiate between the estimated and actual production costs.


Estimator software prevents discounting cost, both on paper and outside services, and contains 1000’s of print specific algorithms to ensure accurate estimates. This in turn, maximizes press and bindery efficiency.

Worry-free profitability.

Since we use your rate margins and commissions, there’s no doubts as to your company’s profitability.

Print AI-Artificial Intelligence.

Estimator-Cloud makes it possible to understand the mechanics of all functions. To input job specifications, just point & click.

Accurate estimates.

Using our Calc-Engine with complex print specific algorithms, you’ll be able produce accurate estimates in seconds, and e-mail them to your clients’ right from the program.

Unlimited training, live technical support, and updates.

After complete installation and price matching by us, we’ll make arrangements to provide unlimited training for your staff. You’ll also receive live technical support any time all updates.

60-days free trial.

After our personal Webinar we’ll install your customized trial with your presses, Logo and pricing. This enables you to see the software in operation and how your company will benefit all at no cost to you.


Prints 1st fully Interactive Client Module

2-available Options: Eliminates/Replaces Shopping cart limitations at a fraction of the price.

Client through personal link selects from preset template with product image and chooses desired quantity: Upon acceptance all printers’ paperwork is completed from Job Ticket through Invoice.

Selected Brokers or knowledgeable agency personnel create custom quotes with any configuration including catalogs or magazines with any # of pages, size, # of colors and stock. Upon acceptance all printers’ paperwork is completed from Job Ticket through Invoice.

Estimator-Cloud Software


Customer Management.

With Estimator every request for quote counts. With the Estimate in the clients hands while you are still on the phone you’ll build strong business relationships that generate increased revenue. This will happen because...

• Fastest calculating program: Estimator Print MIS Software has artificial intelligence and an elaborate calculating program that outperforms any other program.
• More than 2700 connected formulas and algorithms.
• Job locator: Includes a job scheduler that lists all current jobs, due dates, client’s name, and the job title and description.
• Controlled access: As management, you control your data access by employee and job level.
• Automated prep costing: Handle all pre-press options from Art to Proofing, To do this, you simply choose the options , item size or number of pages, number of colors, and the program performs all calculations automatically.


Quotes and Pricing.

Regardless of how complicated or specific an estimate is, you’ll have it at your fingertips. With Estimator Cloud and the Intelli-Quote module:

• Instantly create customized quotes for all your customers business needs.
• Our single screen estimating with 4 distinct parts makes it possible to use different presses, services or stocks for each component.
• There are also unlimited stock selections enabling you to create complex customer’s quotes in seconds.
• Estimator also allows you to store and recall detailed records of all estimates. Enabling unlimited data mining of all costs and times for production.
• Automatic regular updates ensure that every team member stays current with all the new features.
• Multiple paper pricing options include selection using $/ CWT, $/ per M Sheets, selection from your custom catalog.
• The best # out for cut sheets is automatically calculated and shows both the press max and the minimum sheet size required.
• For catalogs or books just enter the # of pages and Estimator automatically calculates the best # of sheet wise and work and turn forms leaving no room for errors.

Job Scheduling.

This is another great feature of Estimator ensuring proper work-flow in each department, and also enabling you to:

• Review the status of your production workflow... to see what should get done and what’s pending.
• The integrated calendar allows you to update each job and avoid scheduling conflicts.
• Sort by each department and print out their report.



Our Software has an invoicing component that reduces 80% of the work load of the accounting department. Transcribing and typing errors are eliminated and every client receives an accurate invoice.

The error-free invoicing system improves cash flow, wins the trust of your customers and in return, brings more business.

After installation of Estimator in your plant, you’ll have a minimum of 2-months free of charge. We’ll do all the work and it only requires about 10-minutes of your time to get us the press information we need to match your current pricing.

Vendor Management.

The inventory section helps tracks everything including vendor’s selection and material usages.

• You can follow up and control purchase orders.
• You can also add vendor information and quantity pricing in the stock catalog.


Why you need to Call Us Now


Estimator Cloud MIS Software is the your best choice regardless of your company size, and it seamlessly works with Sheetfed, Web, Flexo, Envelopes, Wide-Format or Screen printing, you simply need to contact us today.

It isn’t necessary to be a computer guru... as it’s easy to learn and use. There is more… it is fully automated and is able to calculate Turn, Tumble, Catalog Layouts, and even Dutch Cuts. No need to type every word Estimator creates quotes, job tickets, shipping labels, schedules jobs, and lots more... Estimator does it all.


    Sheetfed - Web - Digital - Screen - Flexo - Wide Format - Forms & More

    • Real-time estimates on any computer or smart mobile device.
    • Includes: printable customer quote, job ticket Invoice, Scheduling and more.
    • Prices include operational installation with your pricing Training, Updates and Service.

    See pricing below

    Basic Cloud setup 1-time only: Plus Below$350
    Additional press installation & Price-Matching setup each$150
    Monthly Hosting and all updates.Price
    Sheetfed & Digital to: 15"X24" includes 2 presses.$75
    All Including Web Presses to: 23"x 30” includes 3 presses.$150
    All Including Web Presses: 31” and larger includes 4 presses.$250
    Additional Presses each month over included above each.$10
    Wide-Format OnlyPrice
    Basic Cloud setup 1-time only: Plus Below$250
    Additional press installation & Price-Matching setup each$150
    Monthly Hosting and all updatesPrice
    Wide Format Printer up to 48"$50
    Wide Format Printer up to 62"$100
    Wide Format Printer 63" Plus$200
    Additional Presses each month over 1$10

    * Credit or Debit Card only

    Maintenance and Setup include: live service, plus Installation with price matching for Presses, In-Plant Bindery and Prep, Includes ongoing Live Service & Updates, unlimited service calls and training.

    Call us today for your 60-day plus free trial. We’ll set it up and make sure it works perfectly without charge.
    Our professionals are available for training you until you are fully knowledgeable.

    We look forward to working with you and having you join our team of happy clients!

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